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I’m a product designer with over a decade of experience.

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Known for...

  • Shrinking scope while increasing impact
  • Designing & delivering solutions that ship – across Responsive Web, iOS, & Android
  • Creating & maintaining design systems for teams that increase project velocity
  • Connecting directly with engineers, ensuring solutions align with reality
  • Mentoring designers, teaching Figma for internal courses, always-usable documentation
  • Passionate for the details that matter – the craft of design, research, and our users

Review from Direct Manager

“Hard working, detailed oriented, strives to find best solutions to well defined problems, focusing on outcomes. Caring, reliable, supportive teammate and partner. Thoughtful, inclusive, collaborative, and influential. Listens and reflects. I am personally very pleased and proud to have you on the team!”

Ricardo MarquezDirector of Design, Capital One
iOS AppAndroid AppiPadOS Tablet AppDesktop WebMobile Web✓ Shipped
  • Launched new multi-channel solutions across our platform’s 3x iOS apps, 2x iPad apps, 2x Android apps, and responsive webapps: FieldView Advanced Filtering, Yield Analysis, Communications Manager, Fleet Data Sync.
  • Led development effort on our design systems for rapid prototyping and pixel-perfect hi-fi libraries, performed moderated usability testing with customers on new components and iterated as testing discoveries were found.
iOS AppAndroid AppMobile WebDesktop Web✓ Shipped Current-Prod Updates
  • Delivered new solutions and iterative improvements for our mobile app lineup, from inception to feature launch.
  • Led longterm future-state research and envisioning initiatives, defined our core mobile differentiation strategy.
  • Established our mobile apps design system which integrated our multiple sub-brands’ visual styles, while rolling out a brand-agnostic “white-label” library for rapid concept design and prototyping.

View Work Samples: Mobile-First Solutions

iOS AppAndroid AppDesktop WebMobile Web✓ Shipped
  • Delivered mobile-first improvements to New Account flow, generating 350% faster enrollment completion.
  • Collaborated with research, engineering, and data analytics to proactively identify and improve our self-service experiences.
  • Launched national research testing program to evaluate prototypes with real customers onsite.

View Work Samples: New Account Enrollment Flow

iOS AppAndroid AppDesktop WebMobile Web✓ Shipped
  • Online appointment booking rose 80% for the year
  • Site visits more than doubled year over year
  • Member satisfaction with the digital experience rose from 86% to 92% after being unchanged for five years.
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Image showing the native mobile Kaiser apps for iPhone and Android, and the redesigned Kaiser website on a laptop.
iOS AppAndroid AppDesktop WebMobile Web✓ Shipped
  • Acquired by Level Home Inc in Nov 2021
  • “In July 2018, Google, Nest, Dwelo, and Alliance Residential announced a partnership to install a technology package in 25,000 luxury apartments, representing the largest rollout ever in the country.” (Source)

View Work Sample: Dwelo Mobile App UI Evolution

iOS AppAndroid AppiPadOS Tablet AppDesktop WebMobile Web Watch✓ Shipped
  • Led full product design process, including contextual inquiry research and metrics analysis, journey maps, personas, wireframing, user testing, product integration and feature rollout strategy.
  • Directed rapid ideation and interactive prototyping sprints with our agile engineering team, yielding 2x faster app iteration/delivery efficiency and a richer end-user product experience.
  • Led worldwide testing with consumers and pilot partners including leaders in banking, home improvement, and electronics.
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iOS AppDesktop WebMobile Web✓ Shipped
  • Led design process from discovery to pilot-phase hi-fi interactive prototype testing, to official launch.
  • Designed app’s affordances and motion UI for hyper-location-awareness, connected to nearby art.
  • Defined information model of digestible knowledge cards and interactive data visualizations, referencing institution databases and crowd-sourced entries from users in the app.
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Android AppDesktop WebMobile WebHypertargeted Email✓ Shipped
  • Lead designer for Google AdWords Opportunities Dashboard redesign initiative: created interactive and visual specs for the Opportunity cards with prototypes and handoff-ready specs for engineering.
  • Created motion graphics, visuals, and rich email campaigns for AdWords, Google Partners, Google Shopping Express, and Youtube. For our hyper-targeted email campaigns, rollout of my personalized progress tracking design resulted in a significant increase in customer reengagement.
  • Distilled AdWords’ new and complex campaign bidding features into easy-to-understand graphics and messaging for the broad 41M customer base, from new users to our highest-tier advanced clients.
  • Created wireframes, flows, specs, and high-fidelity designs for Google Partners responsive website.
  • Lead designer for Google concept projects: Google Now AdWords integration, AdWords Chrome Extension, and AdWords Mobile App explorations.
Kaiser Permanente Website & App Redesign

Kaiser Permanente Website & App Redesign

Designing the future of healthcare

Aura Mobile Art App

Aura Mobile Art App

Discover and learn about the Art around you

Instaply Mobile Customer Support

Instaply Mobile Customer Support

Mobile-first turnkey omnichannel support

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Hello! Below you’ll find a showcase of my direct-contribution Design Systems experience.

iOS AppAndroid AppiPadOS Tablet AppDesktop WebMobile Web✓ Shipped
iOS AppAndroid AppiPadOS Tablet AppDesktop WebMobile Web✓ Shipped
iOS AppAndroid AppDesktop WebMobile Web✓ Eng/Prod Rollout
iOS AppAndroid AppiPadOS Tablet AppDesktop WebMobile Web✓ Mentored

I strive to understand problems, define solutions, foster empathy, and craft meaningful experiences.

I strive to understand problems, define solutions, foster empathy, and craft meaningful experiences.

UX Specialties and Processes

Let's make an experience that your customers will love. Varying on the needs of our project, here are some of the methods that I employ as we arrive at a solution.

Informed & Lean
UX Strategy

Competitive analysis, qualitative and quantitative research, and auditing user interaction patterns across devices and use cases.


Working with teams, stakeholders and users – in-person with whiteboards or remotely with online tools.

Create, Test,
Learn, Repeat

Rapid ideation, wireframing, motion design, and interactive prototyping from low to high fidelity to validate and crystalize our solution.

Design Ready
For Launch

Providing assets, specifications, and live code feedback/collaboration for my delivered interaction patterns, IA and content strategy, and full visual design style guides.

Working with Ted on our smart-apartment cloud platform was a pleasure. His attention to detail and focus on what matters most - the user experience - permeated all aspects of the job.
Ted took our product, with all its complexities and unnecessary screens, and simplified it to the point where our customers can just dive right in. He listened well and knew just the right moments to show us what we wanted before we even knew we wanted it.

Michael RovitoFounder & CEO, Dwelo

Ted has been a high performing designer on the UX Design Team, going out of his way to understand our customers and the problems we are solving for them, so that we can design and deliver the right solutions. He was an integral part of shipping product improvements and enhancements, making 2020 a success.

Gilbert GuerreroClimate UX Design Team Manager

Ted is one of those rare talents who can easily traverse the theoretical, conceptual and practical of the design process without over indexing in any one approach. He is able to challenge standard conventions in a manner which the most skeptical want to embrace. Ted will always be on my "must hire” list.

Joseph O'SullivanHead of User Experience Business Banking, Capital One

Ted goes above and beyond what is asked of him on a daily basis. He does a thorough job of exploring design ideas and explains them in a clearly thought out manner. He thinks of design solutions from many different approaches, from motion graphics to mobile apps. 'Over deliver' is what I've experienced working with Ted. He's also a wiz at new technologies. I would recommend him again and again.

Kimberly Johnson ClarkAssociate Creative Director, Google AdWords

Ted is passionate about good design. He’s smart, naturally inquisitive, and collaborative. He guided a cross-disciplinary team through the design process and working closely with our research department to fully understand both user and project stakeholder needs. Most importantly, Ted created several interactive prototypes for the client that were instrumental in demonstrating important micro interactions.

Stewart MaclennanDirector of Digital Media, REDSHIFT Digital, Inc.